The Client
The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) he leading children's charity in the UK. They specialize in child protection and dedicated to the fight for every childhood. The NSPCC stands up for children, demanding that laws change and action is taken to better protect them.

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The Campaign
NSPCC approached Beyond to help them with their campaign "Light up Christmas for Children", which was created to give a brighter future for children in need of help by raising money for Childline. The NSPCC Little Stars Christmas campaign was launched in November 2016 to help keep children safe. The campaign was featured above the length of Oxford Street in London's busy city centre, where thousands of NSPCC stars were included amongst the gold and silver baubles and LED bulbs that hang in the Christmas display.
The Challenge
The focus was to create a magical digital experience that would entice users of all ages to interact and donate. The challenge was to create an online virtual fundraising experience for this  campaign.
The branding
The NSPCC had defined the Little Stars brand, but Beyond worked closely with their internal design team to repurpose the brand for an online experience and the Little Stars campaign.
Journey Mapping
The focus was primarily on the user flow where users could choose their star on Oxford Street, dedicate it to someone special while making a donation in the process. A simplified flow was key to ensure a user of all ages can engage with the online fundraising platform. 
The Solution
The solution was to create a virtual interactive map of Oxford Street by the use of a parallax effect. The map view would feature 8 stars in various locations, the user chooses a star to dedicate, complete the donation process and share via social media. Our aim was to keep the experience as minimalistic as possible but also an enjoyable experience for users of all ages. Creating an immersive experience across all devices was important ensuring a high level of interactivity.
Working on mobile first, we created a series of high-fidelity wireframes demonstrating the user journey when they dedicated a star for the first time. 
Visual Design
The idea is brought to life in a single page application featuring a series of scrollable transitions. Users can navigate through London’s iconic Oxford Street, select a star and dedicate it to someone. 
An illustrative landscape was clearly defined with a selection of stars to choose from, mindfully prompting the user through an easy step-by-step journey through the process. The suggested price was £5 per star, which represents the cost of answering a Childline call. A horizontal parallax scroll was introduced to bring depth and motion to the landscape created, engaging the user to interact with the handmade visual elements. Animations were added in correlation with the interactions.
The Launch & The Impact
The campaign was launched on November 1st, two weeks prior to the lighting ceremony. The campaign included the lights themselves hanging on Oxford Street, posters, newspaper advertisements and NSPCC little stars merchandize. The campaign itself was a huge success not only due the donations received but also the impact on the people in London. The stars were loved, adored and shared. They became one of the focal points on social media within the UK during the Christmas season.
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